Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Some of our 3D prints so far...

Basically we got all the files to 3D print an entire R2D2 if we wanted to, but in our view of things, it just feels slightly wrong to 3D print all of it, so we will go for a mixture of materials. Right now though, some of our 3D prints have actually turned out pretty well!

Here is one of the holo-lenses from R2D2:s head:

We are using Simplify3D for slicing the 3D model files, made by Michael Baddeley who can be found through Thingiverse at or through Facebook or the forums. He has been kind enough to opensource his files, through the forums and R2 builders community.

These are made with Ultimaker 3, and high resolution print, about 22hours printtime, but the details are looking sharp and good.

Large logic (rear) on the Dome, in high-resolution, printed on a Ultimaker 2 with high-resolution settings from the Simplify3D slicer.

This is made on a Forge Finder SE, with the same high resolution settings, about 14 hours printtime. We decided to go for High resolution on all details, even though it makes every print about two to three times longer. But the quality of the prints are really worth the wait!

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