Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Basic structure of body...

We opted for a wood frame, although there is many routes to go. Some make their R2D2:s out of aluminium frames, (extremly expensive), wood, or a total 3D print is also possible since 3D printing as become a tool available for the masses.

We decided that we wanted a mix of materials, so therefore a wood frame seemed like a solid choice. There are many way to vary this choice aswell. Also a member of the R2D2 builders club has made plans for a wood frame that is also available through the R2 builders club, so either you can cut MDF or plywood by yourself or you can pre-order a frame and then assemble...

This is a "lazy-susan" basically what makes R2D2:s head able to spin in circles... the dome will rest on top of this.

Basically a wood-frame kit that looks somewhat like this as it arrives! We are looking forward to start putting our R2 unit together!

The plans are available here:
...or just scout the Astromech forum since they have all the building plans for your R2D2 unit.

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