Thursday, June 8, 2017

R2D2 electronics sketch...

Basically the Marcduino set-up goes something like this! Teeces lightsystem and 16 servos to control the dome functionality with all hatches open and close, two servos to each holo-lens, and a wifly socket because Marcduino has his own app for running the R2 unit. Extremly well-written program if you ask me!

Basic sketch:

Here Marc demonstrates the R2 touch - app, available at the appstore, and more currently also for android as I have heard! We are going to see if we can get this kind of functionality into our R2 unit because when someone already made a system with high-functionality it would be kinda stubborn to develop another system that would be far worse. If the support ends for this app we will make our own controller though.

We are also currently looking at different motors for the feet-drives. An Astromech can weigh about 60 kg so there is alot of weight to pull around!

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