Sunday, June 18, 2017

Assemble the wood frame...

We opted for a wood frame, because it seemed like a solid option. We are building according to CS-R blueprints for R2D2,  (revised). We found another member through the Astromech forum that does a run on wood frames. This is made from Ukrainian Birch Wood, exported to USA, CNC-cut and now exported back to Sweden. I guess thats 0-1 for the Climate, but still we got a great looking frame here. I did ask local companies but they did not seem to interested in minimal order of 1 unit, and they just said that I could possible ask local carpenters. So I did ask a couple of those, but seemed busy at the moment.

I guess this was the shortcut instead of cutting the frame ourselves.

If you ignore the RC plane at the far side of the table, the rest of the pieces are our wood frame! :)

Test assemble... we started watching the youtube video I have linked before, but quickly noted that in the video they are using the CS-L frame instead of this one, so we chose to look at the pictures provided by the seller, and we had no problems putting it together.

Fitted, but not glued together...

And ofc we just had to testfit some of our 3D printed pieces so far... 

We did also make a test using cell-foam for filling up parts of the frame which is not needed for eiter details or hatches. We are guessing that it could give some support for the outer-layer-skin and also may give some extra support to the frame and make for a more solid construct. This kind of cell foam doesn't really add any extra weight to the R2 unit.

That's all for now...


  1. Do you have the drawings for the R2D2 parts? And can i have them?

  2. All of the plans are available on the "Astromech forum". It doesn't cost anything to become a member.

    Also because there are two standards on CSL or CSR frame make sure you get all your plans for R2D2 in the same standards or some of the components will not fit together. There are minor changes between the two versions.

    I am pretty sure that the Senna Wood frame plans are also available on the internet/online because I found them online aswell, but if you are going to build R2D2 it will be easier to become member on Astromech forum since you may ask all your questions there! They are not my plans to give out, it is supposed to be shared within the forum I mentioned above. Good Luck to you! :) /Best wishes from Sweden