Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Resume Build!

Who would have known it would take almost six months to be up and running again? Selling the apartment, selling a summerhouse, buying another house, empty all spaces, vacate the apartment and finally moving and settle into our new home!

Last week we finally threw out the Christmas tree and thus got the corner of our living room back. Suddenly, building R2D2 was resumed! We started by bringing up the wooden frame and this time putting in our first screws. We just testfitted it before! Also here with the Lazy Susan (which will give the aluminium dome its spinning action)!

We unpacked the 300 mm (Derren Muller) Aluminium dome and this time we went over it with scotch brite and polished it inside and out! Got a really nice shine to it without making it too shiny. If we want to we can bring it up to high-glossy-shine, but we will see what kind of look we feel comforable with later on.

Testing them together for the first time, we got ourselves a really nice looking garbage-can here!

We also found our old boxes with greebles and various electronics parts!

It feels good to get our R2D2 build up and running again!

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