Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Finally started with the legs...

Here is one of the first tests of R2D2:s wooden legs. We have just put them into a pile, for later glueing together. We just wanted to get started and see how this will fit together with the frame and also see how much 3D printing we are going to have to do just to get all the nice looking details and greebles!

So far, we seem to have the basic parts for constructing the legs! They too, lack a lot of love and work that goes into this process. Just nice to see how they will come together. The ankle is basically made of resin, then we have some birch wood and plywood. We use PLA for 3D printing and mix and match materials together. It is the look we are after, and in the end, it will be very hard to tell what is made of what kind of material...

Also, we just cant afford getting it all in metal and even if we did I am not so sure we would go for the all-metal look!

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