Thursday, September 14, 2017

Finally got it!!!

Special order this week: the 300 mm dome. FINALLY!

Inner dome

Includes Seamless Milled Bottom Ring

This Hydro Dome Part Run includes:

• 1 Aluminum laser cut outer dome

• 1 Aluminum laser cut inner dome: Inner dome laser cuts include, Radar eye mounting holes, 5 Pie panels, 4 bottom panels to the right of the front HP, these panels are cut with large side tabs (for those who want them to remain static), 3 HP Holes, 3 Openings for Front and Rear Logics, dome bump holes, 2 Holes for PSIs. The inner dome includes hardware for mounting to the inner ring.

• 1 Aluminum one piece bottom ring: Includes hardware for mounting the inner dome to the ring.
The ring is pre-drilled for the "Rockler" Bearing and includes stainless steel hardware for spacing and mounting to the Rockler bearing.

This Dome Fits all CS:L and CS:R parts and frames. Fits all Styrene, Wood and Aluminum Frames.

So I was waiting for this rather important part, since may when the build started. Since may we have had a break from building R2, since first we got married, and then we found a house and have been in a moving process for the last 1,5 month. But as things were coming together, Darren Muller suddenly annonced that the R2D2 aluminium dome would be available in september. And here I was, almost pressing F5 daily at the granite earth home page, everyday since June...

for resale only to members on the Astromech forum, not intended for commercial use, the interest was still sky-high. So these babies were available only 25 minutes or so, on tuesday (yesterday). And on monday Darren sold the last couple of units from the previous design and those units (might have been 5 of them) were sold within 5 minutes.

So getting my hands on one of these, is a dream I have had for quite some time now. It is essential to our build! <3 ..nothing can really compare to a real 300 mm aluminium dome and unfortunately it is not a piece you can really manufacture on your own!

The previous design I had made a post about it earlier, also had a bottomplate which in this design unfortunately is gone. This is because it was a piece of scrapmetal left over from manufacturing the earlier design. But I think we can solve it design-wise. The important thing is that we got the DOME!

I can not stress this enough. We are looking forward to starting assembly on this wonderful piece! <3

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